Castle’s Patio Inn - Garlic Cheese Spread

Castle’s Patio Inn - Garlic Cheese Spread

This garlicky spread has been famous in Quad Cities area since the 1960s
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Packaged in 14 oz tamper evident container. Keep product refrigerated. Best buy date on bottom of container.

Castle’s Patio Inn Garlic cheddar cheese spread is soft and spreadable. Great on crackers, pretzels, vegetables, baked potatoes, sandwiches and etc... Castle’s Patio Inn Garlic Cheese Spread has been famous in Peoria, Illinois since the 1960s. The Castle’s have owned the recipe since 1993. In 2018, daughter, Pam Castle started manufacturing the famous cheese spread in Davenport, Iowa.


Cheddar cheese (aged over 120 days) Pasteurized Milk, Cheese Culture (Salt, Enzyme) Water, Whey, Cream Reduced, Protein, Whey, Salt, Xanthan Gum, Sorbic Acid (To protect flavor), Annatto (Color), Garlic. Contains: Milk

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