Roots - O So Good Blueberry Truffle

This is a more "dense" truffle and you can taste the blueberry flavor throughout the entire savoring experience from start to finish.

Roots - Door County Cherry and O So Good Cherry Wine Truffle

Cherry Wine soaked dried Door County cherries with cherry wine ganache in a dark chocolate truffle.

Roots - Farm Girl Truffle

O So Good Winery's popular "Farm Girl" subtly sweet red wine is used in the dark chocolate ganache for this truffle.

Roots - Keto Almond Joy

Keto version of an Almond Joy minus the guilt.

Roots - Keto Caramel Truffle

Soft caramel keto-friendly dark vegan chocolate truffle.

Roots - PB&J Keto Truffle

Keto-friendly peanut-coconut butter mixed with freeze-dried purple grapes covered in dark chocolate.

Roots - O So Good Just Peachy & Cream Dark Chocolate Truffle

O So Good Just Peachy wine paired with a creamy rich filling.

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