Suzanne's Swiss Bakery

Swiss Baker - Cinnamon Sugar Croissant

Filled with cinnamon, sugar, and topped with vanilla frosting.

Swiss Baker - Fruit Streusel, Cake By The Slice

Streuselkuchen, a German speciality cake with the famous crumble of sugar, butter and flour.

Swiss Baker - Linzer Jam Cookies

All the way from Austria, welcome the Linzer Kekse!

Swiss Baker - Extra Large Coconut Macaroon

Soft and chewy on the inside, crisp and golden on the outside. Literally the size of a baseball!

Swiss Baker - Large Soft Pretzel

Laugenbrezeln—or soft pretzels—are popular German snacks between meals.

Swiss Baker - Extra Large Swiss Pretzel Rolls

These pretzel buns or Silserbrot are a specialty in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Swiss Baker - Zopf Braided Bread

This Swiss Braided Bread contains milk and butter, which gives it a lovely soft texture.